Exporting DataPhase MOSAIC

Phase MOSAIC provides many ways to export data for use in other programs.


LE Required


Surface and image views will use a grayscale palette if your printer is not capable of printing in color. Full-size presentation quality printer output is available for each window. Use the File | Print Preview menu option to check output.


If a MAPI-compliant e-mail software is installed, files can be directly sent as e-mail attachments from Phase MOSAIC. Select the File | Send . menu item.

Exporting graphics

False color surface representations can be exported as Windows BMP files. Right-click the image area in the 2D surface view and choose Save Image to select an output file name.


Clipboard operations are extensively supported in Phase MOSAIC. They can usually be found by right-clicking in the window of interest or under the Edit menu item. For example, plot data in text or ExcelTM format can be exported to other applications using the clipboard. Right click in the plot and select Copy Data. Graphical images of plots can be exported by selecting Copy Graphic under the same menu. The contents of text summaries, image views, and 2D data plots can be copied by right-clicking the window. See Plots and Views.

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