Zernike editorPhase MOSAIC

Zernike polynomials that are used in Phase MOSAIC calculations can be specified using the Zernike Polynomial Editor.


LE Required

zernike dlg

The dialog consists of a list of coefficients, an order specifier, and a normalization radius. Each coefficient value is editable - highlight the desired coefficient with the mouse or arrow keys and left-click with the mouse to edit the value. If a coefficient is highlighted, it can be set to zero using the Zero Selected button. The entire list can be zeroed using the Zero All button. The list supports Windows conventions for multiple selection. Left-click and drag a selection box to select multiple coefficients. Control-Left-click will select non-sequential coefficients or Shift-Left-click to select an entire range. The Zero Selected button will zero out selected coefficients.

The maximum order integer will dynamically change the number of coefficients that can be specified. The normalization radius can be any positive floating-point distance. The Zernike polynomials used in Phase MOSAIC are specified here.

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