Using ListsPhase MOSAIC

List files are a way to represent surface or image sequences. They are stored as ASCII format text files containing the filename of previously stored files on each line.


LE Required

Creating Lists

To create a list file, use the File | New menu command and select either image or surface list. An editor window will appear where file names may be typed in or added automatically using the File | Add File(s) menu option or the add list icon button. Individual files may be opened in a new window by double-clicking the file name in the editor.

Using Lists

Minimum Version

Full Version

Once a list file is created or opened, operations can be performed on the sequence. Available operations:

surfacesCombine | AverageThe average, or mean, of the population at each pixel location is calculated.  Choose whether to propagate non-valid pixels to the average. If non-valid pixels are not propagated, aberrations to subtract are specified and overlay statistics can be generated.
ImagesCombine | MedianThe median, (max + min )/2, of the population at each pixel location is calculated.
ImagesCombine | ModulationThe modulation image, modulation, of the population at each pixel location is calculated.
surfacesCombine | Add and Subtract
surfacesImagesCombine | Maximum and Minimum
surfacesImagesCombine | Stitch Choose the Zernike order or aberrations to remove. Overlay statistics can be generated for surfaces. As each data set is overlaid, pixel statistics are optionally gathered. See overlay statistics.
ImagesAnalysis | PhasePhase analysis is described here.
surfacesImagesView | AnimateDisplay a movie of image frames or surface representation.
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