Status BarPhase MOSAIC

The status bar is displayed at the bottom of the Phase MOSAIC window. To display or hide the status bar, use the View | Status Bar menu command.

Command Status Area

The left area of the status bar describes actions of menu items as you use the arrow keys to navigate through menus. This area similarly shows messages that describe the actions of toolbar buttons as you press them, before releasing them. If after viewing the description of the toolbar button command you wish not to execute the command, then release the mouse button while the pointer is off the toolbar button. Status messages from interactive plot cursors are also shown in the left area of the status bar.

Currently executing commands will display status messages in the left area of the status bar and include a progress indicator during lengthy operations. Execution can be aborted by using the cancel button next to the progress indicator.

Pixel Information

The area to the right of the command status provides summary information regarding the current surface or image pixels:

Pixel info and Histogram buttons - Pixel size in the coordinate system and the statistical distribution of surface heights, if available.

Pixel Array Size - Height and Width in pixels of the pixel data array.

RMS of the pixel values.

Zoom Control

The far right area of the status bar provides zoom control of the currently selected analysis.

The Zoom level dropdown box will set the zoom to specific presets.

A Zoom slider can set the continuous zoom level between presets.

The Autoscale button can be used to quickly autoscale plot limits to allow full data to be visualized.