Interference FringesPhase MOSAIC

Interference fringes  can be simulated from a surface using the Analysis | Interference | Fringes menu item while viewing surface data.  Alternately, the fringe icon button can be used.


LE Required


Calculation Options calc options icon

Interference options

Grayscale onlyInterference fringe images are, by default, color coded based on the simulation wavelength. This behavior can be defeated by selecting this option.  The interference image will contain only grayscale values.
Max. Image ResolutionThe maximum number of horizontal or vertical pixels used in the fringe image.
Wedge factorScale factor relating wave of surface height to simulated fringe. 1 fringe is always equal to 1 wave of optical path difference (OPD). For a single pass interferometer with a single reflection from the test surface, this value is 0.5 wave of test surface height error per wave of OPD.
WavelengthWavelength of the simulated coherent light source.
Added Piston/TiltsPiston and tilt terms to add to the simulation. Units are specified in waves of optical path difference.