Frame operationsPhase MOSAIC

Frame operations  can be accessed using the Combine menu item. These tools modify the current surface or image using information from other entire surfaces or images. All of these operations use the coordinate system specified in each surface or image to combine or compare data.


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Register combines surfaces by overlaying pixels. The specified surface file is adjusted to match user-specified aberrations in the overlap area before combining. To match surfaces using fiducials, use the Coordinate System | Match | Fiducial Groups menu command before registering.  More details about this operation can be found here. Images are overlaid using a similar process, however, color balance is modified instead of aberrations.
Add and Subtract results in the sum or difference of heights with another surface. Both pixels must be valid to result in a valid pixel. (surfaces only).
Maximum and Minimum results in the highest or lowest of heights compared with another surface at each pixel. Both pixels must be valid to result in a valid pixel.
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