Fiducial editorPhase MOSAIC

Fiducials are groups of reference positions on a surface or image.


LE Required

Editing Fiducial Groups

fiducial edit

Fiducial groups are managed in Phase MOSAIC/Phase MOSAIC LE using the fiducial editor dialog box. This can be activated using the fiducial button Edit fiducial button on the button bar or Modify | Fiducials using the menu. To expand or collapse nodes in the tree, click the + or - symbol on the node.

AddAdds new groups or fiducials to an existing group.
DeleteRemoves the selected group or fiducial from the tree.
EditOpens a dialog box to change the fiducial coordinates or group name of the selected item. If a group is selected, the group can be marked as hidden. This allows the group to normally not be displayed in surface views.
Move Up/Move DownMoves the selected fiducial or group higher or lower in the tree. Can be used to move fiducials into a different group.
MergeThis will add any fiducial groups found in the selected file to the current fiducial group tree.
ClipboardFiducials can be transferred between fiducial editor dialogs using the Windows clipboard. Right-clicking in the tree view will allow the currently selected fiducial or group to be cut or copied to the clipboard. Clicking in an empty area will allow pasting clipboard contents to the end of the tree.