Animating ListsPhase MOSAIC

Phase MOSAIC provides the ability to create animations of surface or image lists. The animation can be saved as an AVI movie that can be played on other multimedia players. After creating an animation view with the View | Animate menu option or the animate button button, right click in the view to access the Save Movie menu item.

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The size of the rendered frame and the frame rate of the animation can be specified. The frame rate is specified in frames per second.

The plot properties to use for representing the individual surfaces or images in the animation can be loaded with the Load button. In order to save plot properties to a file, double-click a file in the list to create a 2D surface or image plot. Modify the plot properties using the calculation options to create the desired representation. Right click the 2D plot and choose the Properties | Save menu item. The saved file can be loaded with the Load button in the animate view and will be applied to each of the rendered frames of the animation.

By selecting Autoscale Plots, the extents of the plots rendered for each frame will be adjusted to best represent each frame. Turn this off to keep the same scale for all frames.

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