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The SAF file format is a convenient ASCII format to use to transfer data into Phase MOSAIC from unsupported programs. In order to illustrate the SAF file convention, an example file is provided that can be used as a template to convert other program output.


SAF File Format

SAF example.saf


This is an example file in the SAF format. It illustrates the conventions for specifying pixel coordinates and scaling factors. Open the file in an ASCII text editor for details.





[fiducial group]



1 3

2.5 2.5

[fiducial group]


0 0

1 2

2.75 3



0.75 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 -1 0.000000

1.000000 mm

1.000000 mm

100.0 mm

1000.000000 micron


B B B B B B B 100.000000 200.000000 B B B 300.000000 400.000000 B B B B B B

Here is what the file looks like in Phase MOSAIC:

saf fo 1

In order to rotate the coordinate system by 30 degrees CCW relative to the pixels, the [scale] section is changed to



0.649519052838329 -0.5 0 -0.375 -0.866025403784439 0

1 mm

1 mm

100 mm

1000 micron

saf fo 2

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