Phase MOSAIC is software to analyze and manipulate image and surface height data. The focus of the program is on manipulating optical surface data measured with phase-shifting interferometry. However, it can be used with any raster surface data.

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Interactive Plots

True Zoom

Pixel sizes are accurately represented whether viewing a full megapixel image or zooming in on the smallest fraction of a single pixel. Coordinate transforms can be rotated and scaled.

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Combine multiple surfaces

Large optics can be measured at high spatial resolution by combining individual subaperture measurements.

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File Support

Read and write your data

Many interferometer formats are supported. Phase MOSAIC surface and image formats can be used to convert data from different sources.

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In-Depth Analysis


Paths can be used to evaluate surface profiles over complicated curves. Averge profiles can locate trends in radial or azimuthal directions.

Use structure functions to compare surface quality to atmospheric models.

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Powerful Modification

Surface and Image Lists

Multiple files can be processed in groups using list files to automate repetative tasks.

Vector primitive masks can be combined to selectively modify only the areas you want.

A full complement of Zernike polynomials can be adjusted over the entire surface or only masked areas.

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High Quality Output

Use your output anywhere

Plots are customizable and properties can be saved for later use.

Printing, clipboard operations, and drag-and-drop are supported.

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